The following websites provide easy file conversions, free images, background removal and teaching aids like worksheets and powerpoints.

Convert PDFs to JPGs

If you have a pdf document that you need any of the pages converted to a jpeg, this site will do it without a fuss, and quickly. Just upload the file, select your quality and press convert. It will separate each page in the pdf into its own separate jpeg file.

Remove Background

If you have a jpeg or picture that you need the background removed, this site will easily remove it. You can download the low resolution file for free or pay for a high resolution image.

Free Photo Images

You always need good photo quality images for presentations, slides and worksheets. This site has tons of free as well as an option to pay for images.

Teaching Aids

This site has resources all made by teachers. Many of them are free and some you can pay for. Worksheets, PowerPoints, Word Files, Google Slides. The list is endless in all grade levels. and subjects.

More Free Images

My PERSONAL PEXELS page can be found here where I have uploaded many images of beaches and sunsets.

Picfair Images

My PERSONAL PICFAIR page can be found here where I have uploaded many images of beaches and sunsets.


These fun Math Tshirts are good for any occasion including Math Days and PI Day in March.

Pi Tshirt

Beautiful design with pi in the center surrounded by the digits.

Pi TShirt

Beautiful design with the digits of pi in different colors with an outline of the pi symbol in the center.


Acronym for Math points out how mistakes are necessary.

Quadratic Formula

The Quadratic Formula is written out in word form.

Math Wordle

The word MATH is surrounded by numerous mathematical words in a 'wordle' style.

The Math Side

A play on Star Wars and the Dark Side, this design speaks of the Math Side.


These fun Games will create excitement in the classroom as students demonstrate their mathematical knowledge.  Just download, print and start to use right away.


A board game that challenges students to demonstrate their ALGEBRA SKILLS at a grade 6-9 level. Gameboard is 18" x 18". Cards are 3.5" x .2.5"

Math board game similar to snakes and ladders. Answer math problems in various topics to advance through the hive to get back to the outside. Along the way you will slide backwards and forwards. Look out for the board game in JANUARY 2022.


These certificates are created in Microsoft Publisher and be edited to suit your needs. It can help reward students for any reason. Just download, edit, print and start to use right away.

Student of the Month

Reward students on a monthly basis for achievement, behaviour, etc. Two per Letter size page (8.5 x 5.5 each)

Math Achievement

Use this for any type of math accomplishment. Letter size (8.5x11). Four separate designs

Certificate of Achievement

General achievement of a milestone in a particular area (honour roll, subject, etc.) Letter size (8/5x11).


These FONTS can be downloaded and used with any program.


  1. Click Font Name
  2. Locate the downloaded zip file
  3. Double click the zip file
  4. Locate the ttf file and double click it.
  5. When the Font Box comes up, click INSTALL


These Flash Cards will help students to practice their mathematical skills  Just download, resize, print and start to use right away.


Simple visuals help students to quickly recall their Factor and Multiple skills. Crucial for number sense skills and activities. Download and print to any size.


Students can learn the relationship with Fractions, Decimals and Percentages with these cards. Diagrams showing tenths in a grid link it all together. Download and print to any size.


Students will learn when to use SIN, COS AND TAN in these diagrams with right-angled triangles showing lengths and angle sizes. Download and print to any size.



Quickly add, subtract, multiply, divide fractions by entering the numerator and denominator and choosing the operation.


Not sure of the BODMAS rule? Use this site to plug in values to get the answer.


Many different types of online calculators to quickly solve the problems you need.


This Excel spreadsheet can generate a specific timetable to practice or a general sheet of all timetables mixed up. It was created by myself and all cells are locked except the timetable number or min/max cel


Adding VECTOR formatting symbols

Quickly learn how to add the arrow symbol above the LETTER when writing vectors in Microsoft Word

Converting Decimals to Percentages

Quickly learn how to change a decimal into a percentage with the steps noted.

Reducing Fractions to Lowest Terms

Learn how easy it is to reduce fractions by finding the LCM and then dividing.

Understanding and Writing Decimals

Learn about tenths, hundredths and thousandths.

Finding the Percentage of an Amount

Learn how to find any percentage of any amount with a few easy steps.